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Why Choose Us



we have able and dilligent people – all professionally trained and well mannered, which makes them socially presentable. We save you time and energy, while ensuring that you are relaxed and loosened to prepare yourself for the next day. We provide services to you, keeping in mind your requirements i.e. home maintenance services on daily, weekly or monthly basis. All you need to do is dial our number and we would be knocking at your door, sooner than you expect.
Once you do that, your job is over and ours starts. Go for shopping, then, or for any important or leisure work, our representatives are there to take care of all details. They heartily serve you while leaving you unperturbed and at ease.
Now, stop the hate doing things, including the below-mentioned, because we are here to take care of it all


Our mission is clear:

To make your life easier and help you escape headaches by offering you the following advantages:

– Availability of full time or part-time services
– Fully-trained and English-speaking staff
– Strict background checks and health certification of staff
– Regular performance reviews of staff based on client’s feedback
– A wide scope of services
– Flexible pricing based on customization of services
– We are proud of our pool of friendliest staff, who are the reasons why we’ve endeared ourselves to many clients. – –


The difference is clear:

What’s different?

Serve with a smile: They are not only excellent; they love to serve people.

Clean and healthy: They’re pleasant and safe to be around.

Reliable and trustworthy: They value their own integrity at work.

Experienced and fully trained: They completely know what they’re doing





Pricing tables


pricing (per square meter)
  • Cleaning
  • Fumigation(non-odorless)
  • De-ratting and De-weeding


pricing (per square meter)
  • Cleaning(+window washing and wardrobe polishing)
  • Fumigation(non-odorless)
  • De-ratting/De-weeding


pricing (per square meter)
  • Cleaning (+window washing, furniture polishing and much more)
  • Fumigation (odorless)
  • De- ratting/ De- weeding
  • FreeAfter Fumigation Clean-up