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we clean your homes to detail, leaving no corner or space untouched


We clean your offices or business space, making the environment conducive and comfortable to work in, not missing even the tiniest spot out.


We do the clean up after your construction or buildings has been completed


whether you are moving into a new space or out of a space, we are with you all the way to handle your cleaning


Odourless and Non- odourless. keeping pests away from your environment making it habitable


We save you the stress of having to clean up after your parties, seminars, programmes,

What We Also Do

Window Washing

This is a process of washing the windows, to take of all forms of stain
(temporary/permanent) and debris.

Gutter Cleaning

clean of the gutters at the top of your roof, to prevent water from piling at the top whenever it rains thereby causing damage to the roof in time.


This is a process under Fumigation, whereby all the rats and rodents in your house or offices are taken care of and the area is quarantined from all rodents.

De – weeding

taking of unwanted plants between interlocked tiles in the compounds, making the environment more friendly and comfortable.

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